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Learning More About Your Residential Garage Car Lift Options

If you own a car, one of the most common issues you have with it as a homeowner to is not having enough space to park it. The garage is the perfect location for parking your car at home. When it comes to most houses, there is only enough space in their garage to store one car. For this garage size, most homeowners are unable to park more than one vehicle inside. Residential garage car lifts are the perfect solution to your parking dilemma. You can even customize your garage lift to make it more luxurious.

If you are unfamiliar with car lifts, you can find them from professional mechanics and car shops. You will learn that these professionals only use the latest equipment in car lifting. Since most of these devices are expensive and very big, they are impractical for residential garage use. This is why you can go for residential garage car lift options instead. As stated, you get a range of options of garage car storage lift for home use. Before you decide to have a garage lift installed in your home, you have to know the proper car lifting equipment requirements out there.

It is essential that you understand what equipment lifts a car high enough in your garage to do some work or even park another car. These parking solutions vary depending on the tools and equipment used, name brand, quality, and weight capacity.

Ramps are popularly used to lift up your car inside your garage. If you want to do some work under your car, these ramps can elevate either the back end or front end of your car. Every tire will get one ramp each. These ramps then help lift your car between 6″ and 18″ above the ground. Because each tire will rest on them, they are reliable supports. It would be next to impossible for your car to make an accident or slip.

For ATV and motorcycle use, you have sturdier and longer car ramps to choose from in the market. Some car ramps can even lift up full-sized cars and onto flat beds. You can skip adding mileage and burning gas when you will transport them through this method. Of course, they also make perfect garage storage lifts. Prices will vary on the strength and size requirements you have.

The use of car stands and jacks also help with lifting your car inside of your garage. For home workshop purpose, you can get the rolling floor jack. Depending on the rating of the job, you can lift cars between 2 and 4 tons using a roll under type of jack. These are perfect solutions for changing your car’s fluids or rotating your tires. When it comes to car parking lifts, the specifications are unlike these tools in lifting cars.

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